9 Reasons Why You Should Take Your 7-Year-Old to the Orthodontist

9 Reasons Why You Should Take Your 7-Year-Old to the Orthodontist

May 01, 2019

There are several reasons for a 7-year-old to visit the orthodontist. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • 1. An orthodontic screening can detect current and future problems.

The Kid’s Dentist in Greenwood, SC will examine your child’s jaws and teeth to determine if there are any issues which need to be addressed.

  • 2. Early intervention can prevent the onset of complex orthodontic issues.

Just like any disease or medical condition, it’s important to detect and treat any orthodontic condition in its early stage.

  • 3. An orthodontist can identify and address bad habits affecting the teeth, and mouth.

Tongue-thrusting and thumb sucking are few habits that can affect your child’s mouth and teeth.

  • 4. To check your child’s jaw alignment.

By seeking orthodontic treatment the issues can be addressed while the teeth and jaws are actively growing.

  • 5. To improve your child’s confidence level.

According to Kid’s Dentist Greenwood, by addressing the orthodontic issues such as space between teeth, crooked or misaligned teeth, you can boost your child’s confidence.

  • 6. To determine if there are missing teeth or extra teeth beneath the gum line.

During the first visit to Kid’s Dentist near 29649, they will take an x-ray to determine if your child has any extra teeth are if any permanent teeth are missing.

  • 7. To recognize and treat issues related to permanent teeth early on.

By the age 7, the molars and incisors have grown. Detecting and addressing the issue at an early stage is crucial.

  • 8. Orthodontists can help guide the eruption of permanent teeth.

X-rays allow the orthodontist to see the teeth that have yet to erupt. If they do not have any room or they erupt abnormally, the pediatric dentist in 29649 might suggest extraction or braces.

  • 9. Following your child’s complimentary visit, if necessary, a cost-effective treatment plan can be created.

Once the complimentary visit is done, the dentist near you will give an idea about the cost of treatment if any procedure is required so that you can begin to plan in advance.

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