In a perfect world, all pediatric dentists would offer the very best for your family. While that’s not the case, Kids First Dental is proud to stand out with 10 years of experience, a host of services, inexpensive solutions, and a family-like atmosphere. In addition, we wanted to provide the best amenities, because we know visiting the dentist is scary for children. Children and adults can also be bored. So, change what you picture when you imagine a dentist’s office, because Kids First Dental is nothing like the rest!

Bilingual Staff

Our staff is ready to communicate in English or Spanish, no matter your concern.

Free Wi-Fi

Browse the internet on your favorite device at our office with free wi-fi. Featuring fast network speed, you can entertain yourself however you’d like.

Arcade Room

Kids First Dental built an arcade game room for young patients in our waiting area, so kids are entertained while waiting. They associate being at the dentist with fun, while being occupied. This also puts them in a much more comfortable frame of mind because prior to receiving their dental care, they will be coming off the high of a rousing arcade game! Don’t forget, you’re invited to play with your child!

Children’s Books

Not every child requires the same level of stimulation, which is why we offer only the best and most current children’s books. The books we offer appeal to a range of ages, to keep everyone glued to the page.

Televisions with Cartoons

Many dental offices have televisions, but we wanted to be sure we had top-of-the-line televisions readily available, with the best in modern kids programming. These are also available in the examination room—something the competitors don’t do!

Activity Toys

Of course, even having books and an arcade room wouldn’t be enough, especially for younger children too young to enjoy either. That’s why we have a ton of activity toys available, too. In this special area kids can escape into their imagination, building and learning and having fun.

Television for Adults

We didn’t forget about the adults. That’s why we offer television for mom and dad, too. Not just in the waiting room, but also in the exam room. We provide the remote, and you get to enjoy whatever you like.

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We offer all these amenities because we care about not only your oral health, but your comfort, as well. We don’t believe you should make sacrifices to get the care you deserve. Make an appointment at Kids First Dental, where we treat you and your child. There are affordable options for everyone, with our loyalty program, Care Credit, and payment plans–it’s never been a better time to get excellent care. Make your appointment now, and get on the road to a bright oral health future with Kids First Dental!

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