Emergency Dentist Near Greenwood SC

Emergency Dentist Near Greenwood SC

No one on this planet is free of the possibility of a dental emergency. Whether you’re a basketball player, or simply love eating caramel apples, the risk of a dental emergency plagues all of us at any given time. With that being said, dental emergencies can often spark a kind of panic that is not present and other kinds of medical emergencies. Getting to the dentist as soon as possible after an emergency is the key to maintaining your dental health, but knowing what counts as a dental emergency is also very important. These are the five most common dental emergencies that can happen to you or me:

  • Knocked Out Tooth: Knocking out your tooth accidentally is something very common, but be sure that you save your tooth in the case that your dentist can reattach it. Make sure your tooth stays clean and then submerge it in water or milk until getting to your local dentist office.
  • Cracked Tooth: If your tooth has become fractured or cracked, be sure to call your dentist immediately. Over the counter pain medication may be needed to minimize discomfort and feel free to use ice packs to reduce swelling in the face.
  • Temporary Dental Crown Comes Out: If you have a temporary crown that has become detached or is coming off, try to catch it before the possibility of swallowing it or losing it becomes high. Try putting a small amount of Vaseline on the back of the crown temporarily to bond it to your tooth until you’re able to see a dentist.
  • Painful or Infected Tooth: If you feel as though an oral infection is present in your mouth, you need to get help from a local dentist as soon as possible.
  • Broken Jaw or Jaw Pain: If you have recently been in an accident that affected your jaw, it is important to either see your dentist or a medical professional as soon as possible. Apply ice liberally to prevent swelling and do not eat solid food until you’ve seen a dentist.

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As you can tell, dental emergencies range in severity, but the best thing you can do is be prepared by having a local dentist’s number in your phone in case of an emergency. If you live in the Greenwood area or its surrounding communities, feel free to save our number in your phone. Kids First Dental is there for you in your times of need!

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