Hospital Dentistry in Greenwood, SC

Hospital Dentistry in Greenwood, SC

While we do our best to avoid it, children sometimes require lengthy dental care, or have special needs, and we will determine that sedation dentistry is the best choice. If a dental session will last an extended period, or your child has severe issues with anxiety, this may be the best choice.
All ages experience fear and anxiety, but young children, especially children below the age of 6, are particularly prone. We don’t approach the issue lightly, and we offer the most compassionate, careful, and attentive sedation dentistry.

What happens during sedation dentistry?

An anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia. This ensures your child will be unconscious during the entire procedure, awakening without memory of any part of the surgery. Sedation is fully safe, but we want to promote the most positive experience for you and your child. Therefore, be aware of the following:

  • Kids First Dental reviews your child’s medical history first.
  • As the anesthesia is delivered, you may stay to comfort your child.
  • Intravenous sedation keeps your child unconscious following initial delivery—the child is under no risk of “waking up.”
  • Vitals, including heart rate and blood pressure, are closely monitored.
  • You will wait in the waiting room after your child is unconscious so we may quickly finish the necessary surgery.

Comforting your child

Parents have a particular ability to comfort their children. Your fears and anxiety are easily seen by children. We know it can be difficult, but try to remain brave for your child and communicate strength. Interact during induction: talk to them, hold them, even bring a toy or blankie for them to hold.

Children will be afraid of the process. It is our job and yours to allay as much fear as possible, but if your child does react very negatively, please do not be alarmed. Understand if we ask you to leave the room at any point, we only do so out of full concern for your child’s safety. All of our focus and attention must be spent on your child.

After the procedure is finished

This is a routine and perfectly safe procedure, but nonetheless, there are effects you will notice after anesthesia. Numbness of the lips, nose, and throat are common for the first 30 to 45 minutes, and a sore throat may last two days. Soreness at the surgery site is also likely. Some dizziness or vomiting is possible right after waking up. Monitor food and drink directly afterward. Give only soft foods for the first several hours after.

Keep your child out of daycare or school that same day. Minor effects, like lethargy, can persist for two days. Thus, two full days of recovery should be anticipated.

Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Child

Even if this is a routine and simple process, it is certainly frightening for children and even parents. That’s why you should insist on the best care. When it comes to care, we insist on the very best, which is why we:

  • Treat children as well as adults in Greenwood, SC, so both may be treated together
  • Conduct service in either English or Spanish
  • Keep your costs low with a loyalty program
  • Offer a $100 exam, x-ray, and cleaning promotion
  • May offer care credit financing

Don’t entrust sensitive pediatric care to anyone but the best. We draw on 10 years of applied dental excellence to provide your whole family with oral surgery, endodontics, pediatric, and general dentistry.

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