Another great choice for dental financing in Greenwood is to utilize a CareCredit healthcare credit card which we not only accept, but we can help you with the application process. As one of the premier providers covering out-of-pocket expenses – whether it’s for insurance deductibles or complete dental service costs – CareCredit has been providing valuable financing options for all types of dental care and general health treatments and procedures for over 30 years.

Whether you’re looking for a way to get you and your family’s dental health back on track by making an appointment for preventive dentistry in Greenwood or to find the resources you need to repair a smile that could benefit from a dental crown in Greenwood, CareCredit can provide you with the flexibility you need. Call our dental care team in Greenwood now to learn more about spreading the costs of your dental care into monthly payments that can be more easily managed with CareCredit in Greenwood.

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