Dental Sealants in Greenwood, SC

Dental Sealants in Greenwood, SC

What are dental sealants? Well, to make a long answer short, they are plastic coatings that are applied to the surface area of your molars and premolars to offer protection against cavities and decay.

Morals and premolars are made for chewing and therefore have tiny grooves that make it easy for decay to form. They’re also susceptible because the grooves can be very deep and make brushing difficult because they’re narrower than the bristles on your toothbrush. Plaque begins gathering in them, and the acid from the plaque will begin destroying the enamel, and this will lead to cavities. Dental sealings, applied at Kids First Dental in Greenwood will offer a smooth surface over the groove to provide more protection.

Once the chewing surface of your molar or premolar is exposed over the gumline is the perfect time for the first dental sealant to be placed at Kids First Dental.

Usually, dental sealants are only placed on the molars or premolars because these teeth are the ones with the deepest grooves and therefore are most likely to get cavities. If your other teeth have deep fissures that can make them susceptible, then the dentist in Greenwood may place sealants over these teeth too.

Depending on the sealant that your dentist uses, they may be a clear, white, or slightly tinted color.

Process of Dental Sealant Placement in Greenwood, SC

The dentist will begin by cleaning your teeth with a paste and rotating brush. Then he’ll rinse and dry the tooth. An acidic solution will be applied for just a few seconds and then washed off. This will create a rougher surface than the enamel and will be able to be seen by a microscope. This surface allows for the sealant to stick better. Once your tooth is once again dry, the liquid sealant is put into place and hardened. Now you can once again chew on it.

Though they’re usually used on children, anyone of any age can get dental sealants. They can last for years effectively. They can also be reapplied when the time comes. Protect your teeth against cavities and ask your dentist about getting dental sealants.

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