Sedation Dentistry in Greenwood, SC

Sedation Dentistry in Greenwood, SC

Sometimes, we treat children who have special needs, such as anxiety. In these cases, even more routine procedures can require extra care through nitrous oxide administration. While often portrayed in the media as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a gentle, calming treatment. While we do our best to avoid sedation with nitrous oxide, sometimes the determination will be made that this is the best way to treat your child and ensure the best experience for them.

If we make this determination, we want you to understand why we do it and how it is performed. As your child’s parents, we will go through the process with you.

What Happens During the Administration of Nitrous Oxide?

Sedation through nitrous oxide is very routine, simple, and effective. If we’ve determined that nitrous oxide, which is sometimes referred to as laughing gas, is necessary, you can expect the following:

  • Kids First Dental will go over your child’s full medical history to ensure it is the best choice
  • Nitrous oxide produces a fast, sleepy, warm feeling
  • While the process is fast, you are welcome to stay with your child as nitrous oxide is administered
  • There is no risk of the child “coming to” in the middle of the procedure, as we continuously administer nitrous oxide
  • Your child’s vitals will be closely monitored
  • You will be taken to the waiting room after the nitrous oxide is administered

Comforting Your Child

While nitrous oxide is commonly used and perfectly safe, it is natural for children to be afraid. Likewise, it is common for parents to be concerned about their child’s fears. That’s why you are welcome to comfort your child during the administration of nitrous oxide. Interact with your child, and even allow them to bring a stuffed toy or blankie to provide comfort.

After the Procedure is Finished

Despite the procedure being common, there are after-effects of nitrous oxide. It is possible for your child’s mouth and lips to be numb for about half an hour afterward. Depending on the procedure performed, they may be sore. The biggest immediate concern is dizziness, incoherence, and sluggishness lasting for up to a couple of hours.

For these reasons, it’s important that you watch what they eat and drink. Give only soft foods for the first couple of hours.

Likewise, while it is possible for the tired feeling to last a while, plan to keep your child out of school and daycare. Even the following day, their performance and attention may be diminished.

Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Child

While nitrous oxide is a routinely administrated method of ensuring the best care for your child, it can be scary. We aim to provide the best in care, keeping your needs first and foremost. You can expect:

  • A full range of services for both children and adults at our Greenwood, SC location
  • Fluent English and Spanish services
  • A loyalty program that keeps your costs as low as possible
  • Promotional packages with a $100 exam, x-ray, and cleaning
  • Care credit financing

Whether your child needs nitrous oxide for their treatments, or is just in need of a routine cleaning, trust their care to be the absolute best. Ensure a full-family treatment, affordable services, and compassionate services by visiting Kids First Dental.

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