Teaching Your Toddler To Brush Their Teeth

Teaching Your Toddler To Brush Their Teeth

Mar 01, 2019

Brushing your teeth is a must-do habit that everyone must do each day. It doesn’t matter if they’re a toddler or an adult. But it is important that every single person should learn how to brush their teeth early in life.

What no better time than to teach your child how to brush their teeth when they reach their toddler years. Yes, as they enter that time in their childhood, their diets change too. Gone are the days where they eat the mushy things right out of a jar and in are the days where they eat possibly anything their heart desires. With these foods, the they begin to eat what may contain an untold amount of sugar.

This would be a good time to ensure that your toddler knows the importance of good oral hygiene. This will set the stage for them to have healthy teeth from the time they lose their baby teeth in their later childhood year to the time when the adult teeth finally erupt and settle in.

Counting numbers and teaching shapes are always a good thing to teach your toddler. So why not teach them how to brush their teeth? Here are a few tips from Kids First Dental, your most trusted dentist in the 29649 area that you can use as you begin this journey with your toddler:

  • Let them choose what toothbrush to use : Giving your toddler the free choice of choosing which toothbrush or toothpaste they can use can make the process more enjoyable for them. Do they like Paw Patrol? PJMasks? See if there is a toothbrush they like with those characters. Does the spinning and lights of an electric toothbrush excite them? Let them use it. Do they like that bubble gum flavored toothpaste? Great! Let them choose the things that will make them want to brush their teeth on a daily basis.
  • Make It A Group Thing : A lot of kids learn a lot from their parents. At times, they often want to do the same things they do. In short: they’re watching you. They’re taking note of your every single move. They want to be like you. So why not spend once a day with your child and brush your teeth along with them. This will allow you to teach them how to brush each part of their mouth from the front teeth, the back teeth, and all in between. Then eventually, they’ll know exactly what to brush as if they knew all along. Because they exactly remember by taking note of how you did it.
  • Take Them To A Pediatric Dentist : A pediatric dentist specializes in making dental hygiene fun for a child. This in turn will help make dental visits less of a fearful thing for them. Our staff at Kids First Dental in Greenwood are experts at this. The dentist will praise your child for doing a good job brushing their teeth and keeping them clean. With that praise, is the reward in feeling good. And it encourages your child to keep up the good work.

Teaching Your Toddler To Brush Is Fun

Your toddler enjoys having as much fun as possible. So why not teaching your them how brushing their teeth is a fun thing to do? If you have any questions about teaching your child how to brush, feel free to contact Kids First Dental in Greenwood, South Carolina or a pediatric dentist near you today. Be sure to also make an appointment so we make sure that your child gets the best continuous oral health care possible.

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