Tips for Your Kids’ Teeth from a Pediatric Dentist

Tips for Your Kids’ Teeth from a Pediatric Dentist

Jan 23, 2019

You know that proactive oral care for your entire family is important, but aside from regular visits to a pediatric dentist near you, what can you do to keep your child’s smile in top shape? Whether your child has just developed their baby teeth, or they have a full mouth of adult teeth, problems can arise from not following the best practices. And it’s a simple pediatric dentistry fact that the best medicine is always prevention, especially for your children. Let’s review what you can do outside of the dentist’s office.

Parents must set a good example

Kids look up to their parents and emulate their behavior. That means not only do you need to instruct them in how to care for their teeth, but you need to practice what you preach. The best way to do this is to turn brushing time into family time by all spending a few minutes together brushing.

Select nutritious foods and drinks

Sugar isn’t just a magnet for kids, but bacteria as well. Keep refined sugar away from children as much as possible. Instead, focus on healthy choices. Sugar in moderation is okay, but try to keep it limited to natural sources, like fruits.

Dental sealants are an option

You may not have considered or even heard of dental sealants before, but they are a great choice in certain circumstances. Sealants provide additional protection against environmental factors that may lead to tooth decay. While these are not standard, only a pediatric dentist can make the determination as to whether a sealant is a good choice.

Visit the dentist often

Yes, we did promise advice on things you can do outside of the dentist’s office, but let’s face it: the decision to visit the dentist is made at home. Making sure you make routine appointments for your whole family, and communicate that it isn’t a chore to be feared or put off is critical so your child grows up to do the same.
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Remember, the best tip is always to practice prevention! To keep your family in the best possible health, our number one tip will always be to schedule appointments regularly and early. So don’t delay — make an appointment with Kids First Dental today!

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