Prioritizing Your Child’s Oral Health

Prioritizing Your Child’s Oral Health

Jun 01, 2021

Taking your child to see a kid’s dentist near you early in their lives and also regularly is an important step to getting your child a lifetime of good health as the burden of oral diseases and other non-communicable diseases can be reduced through public health interventions by addressing common risk factors.

As a parent, your child’s well-being should always be your biggest concern and his or her oral hygiene is an important part of their overall health. Hence, the care of your child’s teeth begins with you.

What Does Pediatric Preventive Dentistry Entail?

A typical visit to your child’s pediatric dentist will see him/her examine and professionally clean your child’s teeth, and where necessary, apply materials to protect your child from tooth decay, also prescribe customized sports mouthguards to help your child avoid sports-related injuries, give fluoride treatments, provide early diagnosis and care of dental problems, as well as catch potential orthodontic issues.

For all of these and even much more, endeavor to book a session with us at Greenwood pediatric dentistry, to meet our expert pediatric dentist in Greenwood.

Why Is Preventive Dentistry Important?

It is particularly important because regular checkups and proper prevention when done promptly can reduce major dental problems and expensive treatments much later in the near or distant future. Experience has proven that children with good oral health tend to eat better, learn better, do better at school, develop higher confidence, and in general, are healthier overall. Poor oral health, on the other hand, can cause decreased school performance, development of poorer social relationships, and poorer general health.

Hence, preventive dentistry should begin with the eruption of the first tooth. Pain from decayed teeth or unhealthy gum can greatly distract a child’s learning abilities as well as eating habits, and his/her general quality of life.

A lifetime of good health should begin early with regular preventive care and the development of good oral hygiene habits. Our team at Greenwood pediatric dentistry have plans for you as a parent so you can have a chat with us so you can drum a schedule that fits for you and your child to have regular and adequate dental care, for both routine checkups and also if a time arises that you’d need the services of an emergency pediatric dentist in Greenwood. You can rest assured that we got you covered.

Oral Conditions That May Result From Poor Dental Care.

A lackadaisical approach to your kid’s oral health could predispose them to several oral conditions, hampering their growth in the process, their schooling, social integration amongst other issues.

Some of these conditions include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Cavity formation
  • Dental caries
  • Dental injuries
  • HIV
  • Oral cancer

It is therefore very important to play the roles of loving caregivers that you are and prevent a lifetime of hospital visits and treatments by commuting to pay close attention to the oral health of your child. Remember to book early for sessions with a dentist for kids in Greenwood.

Parental Roles To Play In Preventive Dentistry.

As your kids grow, they’d be dependent on you to make salient decisions for them, and their oral health is chief amongst these decisions. So what can you do?

The first is to ensure you enroll them with a pediatric dentist for regular dental visits.

Also, reduce frequent snacking.

Encourage them to brush and floss effectively at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, teaching them the best practices. Assure proper fluoride through drinking water, fluoride products, or fluoride supplements.

Control unhealthy thumb, finger, and pacifier habits.

Effective dental care is just as vital as immunizations, proper nutrition, auto safety seats, and medical care. It is a non-negotiable part of parenting as failure to take this seriously would have effects on both you and your child.

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