Benefits of Having Emergency Dentistry Near You

Benefits of Having Emergency Dentistry Near You

May 03, 2021

Emergency does not come with a warning. Dental trauma or accidents can be severe and, if left untreated, might cause serious damage to the teeth or other delicate parts of the oral cavity. The gums are lined with numerous minute blood vessels and nerve endings. Injury to the oral cavity can be disastrous as losing a tooth or two can be evident without emergency dentistry near you.

Understanding Dental Emergency

Having emergency dentistry services near you is a boon, but you need to understand what a dental emergency is before rushing for emergency dentistry treatment. If your tooth is knocked out from the socket or is bleeding profusely after an accident, you are a potential patient of emergency dentistry. The other common dental emergencies are:

  • Loosening, displacement, or fractured tooth.
  • Severe cavities that cause inflammation of the gums or oral cavity.
  • Severe mouth or tooth pain.
  • Continuous bleeding from the mouth or gums does not stop.
  • A broken or lost dental filling.
  • Infection of the gums.
  • An abscessed tooth.
  • Damaged braces.
  • Pain in the jaws or a fractured jaw.

If you are suffering from any of these dental ailments, it is better to visit an urgent dental clinic for evaluation and treatment.

Treatment for Dental Emergencies

The treatment for dental emergencies varies from person to person as the problems are different. If you have a knocked-out tooth, it can be placed temporarily within thirty minutes. The teeth need to be preserved in a liquid, preferably milk, and the emergency dentist can put the tooth back in its socket.

Poor oral hygiene might lead to gingivitis or abscesses. The emergency dentist can perform root canal therapy to reduce the pain and nullify further gum infection chances. A cavitied tooth might be restored with dental filling or crowns. Modern restorative dentistry also provides the option of administering inlays and Onlays to support a worn-out tooth.

Emergency dentistry might be a scary term for some, primarily children. In Greenwood, emergency pediatric dentist, 29649 ensures that your child gets the dental treatment without agony and fear. Pediatric dentists undergo an additional three to four years of learning and training to master children’s psychology. Such is pediatric dentists’ expertise that they can assess the condition and dental ailment even if the child is unable to express the issues faced.

The primary job of emergency dentists is to reduce the bleeding and to lessen the pain. The oral cavity is one of the delicate parts of the body and needs special care. A piece of gauze might be applied to the affected area to reduce bleeding.

The infected area needs to be clean to reduce the chances of infection. In dental trauma, the emergency dentist might clean the area with warm water and mild antiseptic. Once the pain lessens, the dentist might go for surgeries or root canal treatment. The lost filling might also be replaced.

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry Near You

The problems of your gum or teeth would not wait for the right time. Accidents are sudden, and such dental emergencies require immediate treatment. Emergency dental service near you gives you various liberties and alleviates the pain and agony. Home remedies are not always sufficient to relieve your discomfort. The other benefits are:

Saves Time

Having emergency dentistry near you can save time, and the treatment can commence without loss of time and reduce the time of dealing with pain.


You might get a tooth knocked off in a baseball game. Now getting suitable appointments with the dentist can be tiresome. Having an emergency dental clinic near you can be beneficial for immediate treatment.

Saves the Tooth

The greater the time to start treatment, the greater the agony and the lesser chance of saving the tooth. Emergency dentistry near you can keep the tooth and relieve your pain.

Choosing Emergency Dental Clinic

An emergency dental clinic that treats both children and adults is Kids First Dental (Greenwood). Dr. John Patangan is experienced in treating emergency dental issues of children. With a bilingual team and professional staff, we are dedicated to treating your dental emergencies on the same day itself. Our dental care revolves around patients’ feelings, and no pre-appointment is necessary for treating dental emergencies.

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