Some Unknown Facts about Sedation Dentistry

Some Unknown Facts about Sedation Dentistry

Feb 01, 2022

Sedation dentistry has fast gained popularity with increased patients who have dental phobia. The pediatric dental office in Greenwood offers children nitrous oxide to ease their stress. If you haven’t heard about sedation dentistry, the facts mentioned in this article will likely surprise you. Therefore we recommend you continue reading this article to enjoy the benefits of sedation dentistry for yourself and the needs of your kid.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has several benefits for patients and dentists. Whether adults or children, patients wake up relaxed in the dentist’s chair, thinking their procedure lasted a few minutes while they may have spent more time undergoing their procedure. Patients receiving dental sedation do not even feel local anesthesia injected in their mouths because they are entirely relaxed. Sedation techniques also help dentists complete more complicated procedures as the patient does not move around, remaining still in the dentist’s chair. Dentists complete more procedures in fewer appointments when their patients receive sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Procedures

Sedation dentistry permits dentists to perform complicated procedures like mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers that usually require multiple visits in fewer appointments. In reality, sedation dentistry encourages patients to receive recommended routine care making them less likely to neglect or allow dental health problems to aggravate to a point when they need drastic dental treatments. Furthermore, it is because sedation dentistry makes them feel comfortable during the treatment process and helps them achieve the smile they are proud to show off.

Realities about Sedation Dentistry

Different Levels of Sedation Dentistry Are Available

Children receiving minimal sedation wake up relaxed because they are administered nitrous oxide. A mask similar to an oxygen mask is placed over the nose to administer nitrous oxide. Laughing gas, as it is also known, makes children feel relaxed while keeping them awake during the dental procedure. Nitrous oxide dissipates from the body soon after removing the mask. However, sedation dentistry in Greenwood, SC, also provides your child oral sedation where they remain conscious and responsive but in a dreamlike state. Sedation dentistry does not utilize general anesthesia, which makes you entirely unconscious.

Sedation Dentistry Is Not a Recent Discovery

Would you be surprised with the information that nitrous oxide or laughing gas has been in use in dentistry since the 19th century? If not, please inquire whether sedation dentistry near you is suitable for your child. The information provided by the dentist will likely surprise you further.

Sedation Dentistry Safety Is Undisputed

When your child receives sedation dentistry, they are constantly monitored by their dentist, who checks the entire medical history before recommending dental sedation during their treatment.

Sedation Dentistry Helps with More Than Dental Anxiety

Besides calming dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is beneficial for patients undergoing extensive treatments or having a sensitive gag reflex. In addition, patients like children encountering challenges sitting still in the dentist’s chair overcome their anxiety to cooperate with the dentist and receive any treatments they need.

Dental anxiety affects approximately 22 percent of Americans who are scared to visit their dentists even for routine checkups and cleanings. Avoiding dental visits and neglecting the procedures mentioned contribute significantly to dental issues that require expensive treatments from dentists frequently. Children are also prone to a dental phobia, especially if they don’t start dental visits early.

Sedation dentistry offers a needle-free approach by providing tranquilizers, sedative drugs, antianxiety medications, nitrous oxide, et cetera delivered in various ways. Sedation dentistry provides children and adults an appealing option by eliminating the use of a needle but calms patients using oral medicines. Therefore if your child must undergo dental treatments to have cavities filled or root canals, they receive oral sedation they can have an hour before their appointment. However, sedation dentistry doesn’t eliminate the need for local anesthesia in the mouth for pain management. The local anesthesia obstructs pain impulses from the involved teeth and gum tissue. Thankfully the local anesthesia is injected after your kid is entirely sedated and comfortable and will likely not remember the injection.

Children are often uncooperative during any medical visits. Dental visits will likely scare the wits of them, making it challenging for the dentist to provide any treatments. Fortunately, Dr. Salvatore Livreri provides children dental sedation through oral sedatives to make them comfortable and calm before they arrive for their appointment. The medications ensure your child cooperates with the dentist and receives any treatment they need for their oral health.

If your child needs intensive dental treatments, you can help them by visiting Kids First Dental — Greenwood, where they receive dental sedation to calm them and receive any dental treatment.

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