Five Unknown Facts about Fluoride Treatment

Five Unknown Facts about Fluoride Treatment

Mar 01, 2022

Have you been compelling your child to drink bottled water, thinking American tap water is unsafe because it contains fluoride? Aren’t you leaving yourself open to considerable expenditure because your child may soon need help from the emergency pediatric dentist in Greenwood? Do you even understand why we ask this question? Let us explain; we are confident you are unaware of the unknown facts of fluoride and are making every effort to prevent your child from receiving fluoride from natural sources.

You probably don’t have information on how fluoride helps battle against cavities by strengthening the teeth, including that of children and adults. You are not alone with your lack of knowledge about fluoride because information about fluoride is limited. You don’t have to be an expert on fluoride to benefit from this natural mineral. However, it helps if you make an effort to learn the unknown facts of fluoride treatments to ensure you and your kid get fluoride treatments as recommended by the ADA and your dentists.

Unknown Facts about Fluoride Treatment

1. Fluoride Treatments Help You Save Money

When your children don’t receive fluoride treatments as recommended by the pediatric dentist near you or from systemic sources like water, their teeth enamel weakens, making them prone to tooth decay and frequent dental treatments. Fluoride doesn’t prevent tooth decay, but it undoubtedly strengthens tooth enamel providing children’s teeth a robust outer surface to keep the bacteria depositing acids on their teeth from penetrating the tooth enamel to harm the tooth’s Center containing connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. In addition, fluoride treatments from the pediatric help prevent unnecessary dental complications requiring treatments from different dentists at odd hours, costing you constable sums.

2. Fluoride Is an Essential Nutrient for Healthy Teeth

Fluoride is a fundamental mineral and, when provided in suitable quantities, strengthens teeth enamel. A fluoride treatment in Greenwood, SC, is a therapy, but fluoridated water is not. Fluoridated water is an everyday product fortified to improve your health. For example, if you can accept iodine added to salt, folic acid to bread, and vitamins D to milk, why not accept fluoride added to water as beneficial for your kid’s dental health? In reality, the US Justice Department has rejected the arguments that fluoride is a medicine.

3. Fluoridated Water Is Optimal to Prevent Tooth Decay

Your child can receive in-office fluoride treatments from the pediatric dentists as recommended but the optimal levels of fluoride to prevent are available in fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste. If you think fluoride toothpaste is sufficient to prevent cavities, you will heave a sigh of relief when you learn dentists regularly provide fluoride tablets and supplements to children living in areas where fluoridated water is not available. The CDC recommends that US communities receive fluoridated water by 0.7 parts per million if they should stay away from the risk of tooth decay. Any reduction in the quantity or non-availability makes children and people susceptible to tooth decay and cavities, requiring expensive treatments from dentists.

4. Children Need Fluoride from Childhood

Babies and children need fluoride to strengthen their developing teeth. Using fluoride to prevent and control cavities is documented as safe and effective for everyone. Children drinking fluoridated water during the growth of their permanent teeth resist tooth decay during their lifetime. Studies conducted in 2010 confirm children drinking fluoridated water prevent loss of teeth from tooth decay is likely even four to five decades later.

5. Fluoride Treatments Are a Cost-Effective Measure against Cavities

Taking your child to Dr. Sal Livreri for fluoride treatments near you shouldn’t cause significant financial concerns in your mind. Fluoride treatments are incredibly affordable and cost merely $ 10-$ 30 for adults. In addition, if you have dental insurance, you can proceed with the treatment with your kid, confident that you will not be charged anything for the fluoride application. Insurance providers cover fluoride treatments for children as a preventive measure against cavities.

In addition, the state of Colorado protected $ 149 million by sidestepping unnecessary dental treatments because of water fluoridation. Texas also saved $ 24 per child every year in Medicaid expenditures because they were prevented by drinking fluoridated water.

This article should convince you that fluoridated water is not harmful, and neither is getting in-office fluoride treatments for your child from dentists.

If you still have apprehensions about fluoride treatments, we suggest you visit Kids First Dental — Greenwood to realize how the dentist provides fluoride treatment for your kid to prevent cavities.

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