The Reasons Why Children Need Orthodontic Treatment

The Reasons Why Children Need Orthodontic Treatment

Dec 05, 2019

Many children are excited when they are told they need braces in their mouths because they believe their teenage years are just around the corner. Others are worried about their looks and wonder how they will manage with braces. Your child may have different feelings about these treatments that will bring many questions to your mind as well including about financial implications. It is the reason why we have created this article to provide you information on why children need braces.

Why Do Children Need to Wear Braces?

There are many reasons why children may need braces. They could have crooked, overcrowded or overlapping teeth or even be victimized by a malocclusion. This is a condition when a difference exists between the sizes of the upper and lower jaws. This can lead to a problem of overbites or underbites depending on which jaw is bigger than the other.

Sometimes children lose a baby tooth too early because of habits like thumb-sucking and accidents. The problem could also be inherited from the family where a member or members of the family are wearing braces. The problem may be noticed by pediatric dentist 29649 during a routine visit for cleanings and exams. At that time, you may receive a recommendation to visit orthodontics in Greenwood, SC, to understand how the problem can be best treated. The orthodontist will determine whether your child indeed needs braces or whether other devices will be suitable.

What Can Be Expected During the First Orthodontic Visit Of the Child

During the first visit the pediatric dentist in Greenwood, SC, will thoroughly examine your child’s mouth, teeth, and jaws. The child may be asked to bite the teeth together by the orthodontist who will also be questioning you about whether your child has problems chewing or swallowing or any other problems that you may have observed.

The orthodontist will take x-rays of the mouth and teeth to determine how they are positioned and whether any permanent teeth are yet to erupt. Molds of your child’s teeth may also be taken to determine the treatment best suited for your child.

Types of Braces

Braces can correct alignment problems by putting constant pressure on the teeth for moving them into a straighter position. Most children need traditional braces that are available with brackets, wires, and rubber bands. The wire is tightened over time to gradually help line the teeth up properly. The rubber bands can provide the child with some color in his or her mouth to make braces fun. You can choose from metal braces that continue to be used or consider ceramic braces if you are conscious about the appearance of your child. If you have heard about clear aligners with no wires or rubber bands needed you may wonder why your child cannot have them. However, you must understand that the clear aligners are not suitable for some people.

A Beautiful Smile Is Only Available For a Price

Braces can create beautiful smiles and also contribute considerably to oral health. It becomes easier for the individual to chew food with straight aligned teeth which also helps in preventing snoring. However, the benefits will not be available to you inexpensively. Braces can cost up to $5000 and insurance may not cover most of the bills. Thankfully there are methods available to get the braces at reduced prices. You can consider talking to the dentist near you and dental societies that may be willing to work with your family on the costs. The dentist near you may even recommend orthodontists that are prepared to accept lower payments for braces.

Dental schools are another option you can consider because dentists that are looking to specialize in orthodontics are required to continue their training in specialized programs. These dentists are often offering braces at reduced prices for children and are specifically interested in complicated cases. The orthodontists receiving the training will be supervised by experienced orthodontists during the treatment. You just need to remember it may take more time for the treatment to complete from a dental school than with an established orthodontist’s office near you. The kind of option you choose will depend upon your financial condition and therefore you are required to make an informed decision. However, investing in the orthodontic treatment of your child simply means you are investing in his or her future and giving them a better opportunity to lead their lives as normal people.

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