Would You Choose Traditional Or Clear Braces If Your Child Needed Teeth

Would You Choose Traditional Or Clear Braces If Your Child Needed Teeth

Nov 28, 2019


If your child needs to straighten teeth because he or she is unable to display the perfect smile your first concern would be to contact a pediatric dentist near you for advice about how the problem can be rectified. You may be offered choices between traditional or clear braces by the pediatric dentist in 29649 prompting you to research whether this is the best option for your child.

The primary reason why your child has crooked teeth is that he or she may have developed them when the permanent teeth erupted. They may also have moved into a crooked position because they are too tiny to fit into the gum space allocated for them. The crooked teeth in the mouth of your child could also be a result of sucking on a pacifier or thumb which may have caused the problem. If you want to improve your child’s smile it will become essential for you to contact a pediatric dentist in Greenwood SC to search for options which will prove beneficial.

The Choices Before You

Advances in dental technology have ensured you have multiple choices to straighten the teeth of your child. The pediatric dentist may offer you traditional braces in Greenwood because of the lower costs associated as well as the effectiveness. However, you may also be offered clear braces which cost slightly higher but are also effective. Therefore, you will have to decide carefully on the type of braces you want your child to be wearing.

The Options You Should Consider

Traditional braces are a suitable choice for children who may have complex dental alignment issues. They are affordable when compared to clear braces but can also leave your child embarrassed because the braces will be visible to everyone. Traditional braces could make your child believe he or she is better off with the crooked teeth rather than wearing the metal braces which cause them embarrassment throughout the day.

Another option available to you would be in the form of ceramic braces that are not as visible as metal braces. The archwires used for connecting them are tooth-colored and therefore, will not be as visible as metal braces. However, as they are made from ceramic they are likely to break or become damaged by the pressure exerted in the mouth. They can also stain easily if your child is having colored beverages and other foods which support the staining. They cost higher than traditional braces and, therefore, could be a cause for concern to you.

Clear braces such as Invisalign are barely visible and are perfect for teenagers as well as adults. The translucent aligners are custom designed to fit the mouth of the child similarly as a mouthguard. This option despite being suitable for teenagers is not recommended if the correction needed in the tooth alignment is severe. Clear braces need to be replaced twice a month and may lead you to believe they are unsuitable unless they are offered by a pediatric dentist near you.

The Costs of The Braces For Straightening Teeth

If you decide in favor of traditional braces the financial implications would be in the region of $3000-$7500. The costs of ceramic braces are between $3500-$8000. Clear braces will cost you $3500-$8500. The costs mentioned will depend on what needs to be done, the kind of insurance coverage you may have, and your location. Pediatric dentists in Greenwood SC may offer you monthly payment plan options to help you cover the costs of the treatment if you are unable to make upfront payments.

Clear Invisalign braces are also eligible for purchases with health savings account dollars that are tax-free. Therefore, you must consider carefully about which options you want to choose after considering the financial implications and any other concerns you have.

Making The Appropriate Choice For Your Child

As the braces will be worn by your child you need to discuss with him or her about the variety of braces they would want to prefer. You cannot make an independent decision by yourself because you wouldn’t know the kind of embarrassment your children would be subjected to if a wrong choice is made. Therefore, before arriving at a decision it is suggested that you consider your options carefully. You must attempt to give your child braces that are suitable for their requirements. Regardless of whether you decide upon traditional or clear braces, your child must be proud to wear them in their attempt to improve their smile.

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