Why a Child's Tooth Extraction may be Necessary?

Why a Child's Tooth Extraction may be Necessary?

Apr 01, 2023

Kids tooth extractions, also known as pediatric tooth extractions, are when the primary tooth is surgically removed. Tooth extraction is usually necessary when a kid’s tooth is injured due to an injury, severe tooth cavity or disease. This is one of the most popular treatments in pediatric dentistry. Since the front teeth have a single root instead of the multiple roots in molars, they are easy to remove. However, baby molars are often extracted because they are vulnerable to decay.

Reasons for Kids Tooth Extraction

You may be anxious about your kid’s tooth being removed. However, if you follow the instructions during tooth extraction near you, your kid should heal quickly and have no lasting problems. Your dentist might recommend removing a tooth to:

Tooth Decay

This is common in primary teeth and often necessity tooth extraction. Cavities usually develop on a kid’s molars due to the fragility of infant tooth enamel. Furthermore, kids frequently don’t exercise proper dental hygiene leaving their teeth more susceptible to cavities and decay.

Untreated tooth decay in kids can progress to more serious oral health problems and illness. When the kid’s tooth becomes infected, bacteria spread to neighbouring teeth, impacting developing adult teeth negatively. Adoptive might shift into the available space at the extraction area if a primary tooth is extracted due to severe decay resulting in crowded or crooked teeth.

Injury or Trauma

Injury or trauma to a kid’s primary teeth, such as falls, accidents and failed dental restorations, might cause damage. Heightened sensitivity and pain are frequent indications of a broken detached, or chipped baby tooth.

Pediatric pulp treatments at Greenwood pediatric dentistry help salvage the tooth depending on the severity of the injury. The tooth, however, must often be extracted and replaced with a space maintainer until the kid’s adult tooth emerges.

Gum Disease

This’s a condition in which the gingival tissues become inflamed. Gum tissue can redden, swell or bleed due to this condition. Pediatric periodontal disease in kids might develop if gingivitis isn’t addressed. The jaw bone and gums can also be affected by gum disease.

In extreme situations receding gums, significant bleeding, and loose teeth can occur. Emergency tooth extractions near you are usually required if their teeth don’t fall out on their own.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

These are molars that have become lodged or partially grown underneath the gums. In this situation, pediatric dentists at Kids First Dental in Greenwood recommend extractions to help prevent the risk of disease and jaw misalignment.

If a kid exhibits early indications of an impacted tooth at an early age, the tooth is frequently removed to avoid future mental health issues like cavities, gum disease and root resorption.

Orthodontic Treatment

If your kid has over-retained baby teeth, they will first become loose and then get tightened in the gums, and this inhibits the emergence of permanent teeth. Dr John Patangan often suggests the extraction of these teeth to allow for the normal eruption of adult teeth. Dental crowding occurs if your child’s primary teeth are not removed, in which there will be insufficient space on their jaw to accommodate every tooth.

What to Expect from Your Kids Tooth Extraction

Our dentist in pediatric dentistry in Greenwood often uses nitrous oxide gas to help calm the kid before giving a local anaesthetic injection. Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas since it has a calming effect that often makes patients feel happy or silly.

Once your kid is relaxed, your dentist will remove the tooth. Using a luxactor or an elevator, the dentist gently rocks the tooth back and forth to help loosen it from its socket. Your kid may feel some pressure, but they won’t experience pain.

Once the tooth is loosened, an instrument called forceps is used to remove the tooth. The dentist will then pack goes into the empty sockets and have your kid bite down on it to help stop any bleeding.

Is Tooth Extraction Worth It?

Having your tooth extracted is the best option for oral health. Circumstances under which tooth extraction might be necessary include advanced stages of gum disease or severe decay impaction malformations or damage that renders a tooth unsalvageable.

Is it Better to Save My Tooth or Pull it?

When possible, saving a natural tooth is the best option. While today’s dental prosthetics are made to last, these prosthetics simply don’t have the same strength as natural teeth. Also, natural teeth are stronger and offer better functionality than crowns or prosthetics.

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