Why A Kid's Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Why A Kid's Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Apr 01, 2022

The development of teeth starts before birth; however, the teeth do not erupt above the gumline until after six to twelve months after birth. The first teeth to erupt above the gumline are called the milk teeth, also known as temporary teeth. The milk teeth help children chew food, produce speech, pronounce words, and serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth. Typically, the milk teeth should start to fall out at about six to seven years. They are then replaced naturally by permanent teeth. However, situations might arise where your kids might need tooth extraction at Kids First Dental.

Tooth extraction is a process through which Dr. John Patangan removes a damaged tooth or a tooth that poses a threat to other teeth or your kid’s dental health under the influence of anesthesia. Some dental conditions might require you to see a kids’ dentist near you to extract your kid’s milk teeth before they are due for replacement. Let’s see what conditions these are.

Common Reasons For A Kid’s Tooth Extraction

Since the baby teeth should fall out naturally when due, there must be valid reasons for their extraction. These reasons include:

  • Tooth Decay: The milk teeth are more vulnerable to severe tooth decay, which calls for extractions. The baby tooth enamel is very fragile, and kids might not keep up with good oral hygiene habits, making them prone to decay. Also, children’s love for sugary things increases their risks of developing cavities as sugary/starchy food particles are essential components of dental plaques which cause decay. If baby tooth decay is left untreated, it might lead to tooth infection, spread to other teeth, and affect the development of permanent teeth, hence the need for extraction.
  • Impacted Teeth: If, for any reason, your child’s teeth refuse to erupt above the gum line, these teeth have to go to prevent future oral health problems such as root resorption, gum disease, dental cavities, etc.
  • Trauma Or Injury: Trauma or injury resulting from accidents, falls, or failed dental restorations damage your kid’s teeth. The severity of the damage done determines if a kids’ dentist in Greenwood saves the teeth or you have to take your kid for tooth extraction near you.
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Sometimes, the temporary teeth do not fall out when due, causing overcrowding and misalignment of teeth as the permanent teeth grow over them. To ensure proper orthodontic treatment, dentists recommend tooth extraction for overcrowded teeth.

Won’t These Baby Teeth Just Fall Out?

While the baby teeth start to fall out around the age of six to seven years, dentists must remove them before they are due for replacement sometimes. Extraction of the damaged baby tooth helps prevent your kid from experiencing the pain, swelling, and infection that accompany damaged teeth. Also, refusal to extract damaged baby teeth might result in future dental and general health problems.

Tooth Extractions At Junior Smiles

Before beginning the tooth extraction procedure, a kids’ dentist in 29649 takes x-rays of your child’s teeth to foresee any possible complications. For a painless procedure, your kid will get a local anesthetic injection in the mouth. That numbs the area for extraction and prevents your kid from feeling pain. If your child is nervous or anxious about dental procedures, the anesthesia might be combined with sedatives to help the kid relax.

Using dental instruments, the pediatric dentist removes the erring tooth carefully to avoid damaging the bones around. After extraction, the dentist will cover the empty tooth socket with sterile gauze, and pressure is applied for about 20 minutes to stop any bleeding. Finally, your kid might need to wear a space maintainer to prevent the migration of adjacent teeth and ensure the proper growth of permanent teeth.

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